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User Testimonials - Auto & MIPA Paint Suppliers

One of the best things about a new car is the paint job. The shiny finish glimmers in the sun and catches the eye, telling everyone just how new that car really is. Having a brand new car isn't the only way to get a great looking paint job, though. At various points throughout a car's life, its colour may fade, chip, or become damaged in another way that requires repainting.

Whether you operate a smash repair shop or just an auto shop that also does painting work, you need a source of auto paint that you can trust. You need a paint that's high quality, quick curing, weather resistant, and above all else, professionally formulated. S&S Industries has exactly that. We stock only the best automotive paint Perth can buy. Whether you need a little bit of paint for a touch-up job or a whole palette of it to handle a large number of orders, we have the paint you need to create great work.

S&S Industries is your comprehensive car paint supplier in Perth

Using the incorrect paint can cause serious issues. That's why you only want to purchase brands and types that you trust. S&S Industries brings you access to a broad range of paints that will suit your needs and be right at home on your shop's shelves. We have all kinds, from primers all the way on down to quick-curing spray paint for the purpose of simple touch ups. Please keep in mind that due to Australian shipping laws, we cannot ship automotive paint to the Eastern States by air. However, customers are encouraged to call us or send us an email enquiry to create their order. We will work with you to deliver the paint that you need right on time.

We're dedicated to the best products and desire to be the finest auto paint suppliers Perth has seen. This is what drives us to supply only superior products. Quality is why we choose to stock Chemspec, MIPA, Concept Paints and DNA Custom Paints brand automotive paints. 


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Wide variety, competitive prices, and always excellent service

For auto paint, Perth should always turn to S&S Industries for prompt service, excellent products and competitive prices. Our online catalogue is extensive, allowing you to browse each of our products at your leisure. You can select only the paints you need. When you are ready to place an order, select what you desire and proceed through the checkout process or please visit our web enquiry form to request more information. Alternatively, you can also call us on (08) 9274 6566, and a team member will be more than happy to assist you with building your order and expediting fulfilment. Remember, it takes a great looking car paint to result in a great looking paint job!


S&S Industries Reviews


rhysleslie lesliewilliams
green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif in the last week
Great Blokes, they may look young but they know what they're on about and are more than happy to write things down and take calls for extra help.


Joe F
green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif 3 months ago
Very knowledgable, friendly and helpful. Went out of their way to help me find the right paint code for my old car restoration project. Highly recommend.


Cliff Smith
green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif 4 months ago
Knowledgeable and friendly staff will point you in the right direction. Couldn't recommend any more highly.


Chris Thomson
green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif 2 months ago
Busy Trade counter with knowledgable staff.


Ash Byatt
green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif a month ago
Helpful staff know their business.


Murray Morehouse
green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif 11 months ago
Friendly staff giving great advise for the DIY person. Quality products well priced, highly recommend!!


Terry Russell
green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif a month ago
Excellent service.


peter bennie
green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif green_ball.gif  a month ago