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Becca SS55 208ltr Solvent Recycler (Stock Ex USA)


Premium quality 55Gal (208 ltr) solvent recycler - Made in USA. Stock is ex USA upon order.
Code: BECSR208


Becca 55Gal Solvent Recycler
Becca Solvent Recycler Specifications
Operators Guide
Becca solvent recyclers operators guide
Optional Cooling System
Optional cooling system for recyclers

Product Description:

Becca SS55 208ltr Solvent Recycler


The next generation of solvent recycling equipment has been developed by BECCA. Our solvent recovery distillation (still) recyclers are designed to reduce your solvent purchase and your hazardous waste generation substantially.

Being environmentally conscious and compliant has never been so cost effective!

BECCA solvent still recyclers are the cleanest, safest, most reliable and cost effective way to recover and recycle waste.

Through the distillation process, the solvent is boiled to a vapor and then condensed back into a liquid, leaving the contaminant behind in the tank for recovery. Our solvent still recycling equipment has a tank with a specially designed bag liner, which contains the left-behind residues, is easily and cleanly removed. The collected solvents can be up to 99% pure.

Solvent Recovery & Distillation Performance features:

  • CSA listed to UL 2208, Class I Division 1 Group D  (Hazardous and Non-hazardous Working Areas)
  • Teflon Coated Cast Aluminum solvent distillation recycler tanks are designed to accommodate BECCA bag liners to facilitate easy and safe removal of solid residues.
  • Control Panel
    • One-touch Automated Cycle
    • Digital Temperature Display
    • Timer
    • Electronic Thermostat
    • Self-testing
    • Continuous Solvent Recycling Monitoring & Troubleshooting Control
  • Suitable for most solvent distillation (not suitable for nitrocellulose). Call to review your specific equipment application.