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Cystal FlakeZ™ – (Semi Transparent Crystal Flakes)

Crystal flake with a colour shift. Colour shift varies when applied over different ground coat colours.

A lighter coloured ground coat will give a more subtle effect. Apply over a darker colour
Code: FC301-200
Flake Size:
$ 16.95

Product Description:

Crystal FlakeZ™ 375 Micron

Add brilliance to your finish. These stand-out & highly reflective FlakeZ™ produce awesome “BLING” and will make your project stand-out from the crowd.

The massive DNA™ FlakeZ™ range allows you to get the right size, colour and type of flake for your project.

DNA™ FlakeZ™ are premium quality, solvent and UV resistant flakes. Each flake is cut to a consistant and uniform shape, thickness and size to give maximum visual impact and a uniform flip!

12cc Sample jars of 375 micron FlakeZ™ now available!


Crystal FlakeZ Opal 10   Crystal FlakeZ Opal 10   Crystal FlakeZ Lime Flame   Crystal FlakeZ Lime Flame   Crystal FlakeZ Blue Flame   Crystal FlakeZ Blue Flame

Crystal FlakeZ Gold Flame   Crystal FlakeZ Gold Flame   Crystal FlakeZ Opal Blend

Crystal FlakeZ Opal Blend