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Jon Kosmoski Kustom Painting Secrets


Jon Kosmoski - the King of Kustom Painters - puts over four decades of experience into Kosmoski\'s New Kustom Painting Secrets
Code: B6000
$ 57.31

Product Description:

Jon Kosmoski - the King of Kustom Painters - puts over four decades of experience into Kosmoski's New Kustom Painting Secrets. This new book starts with the basics: how to set up a shop, pick a compressor, and prepare the metal. The metal prep discussion includes the use of two-part fillers and how to get the panels really flat. The next section of Jon's book covers modern paint. What it is, how it's made and which type is best suited to custom paintwork. Jon explains the advantages and disadvantages of single and two-stage paints, and which is the best choice for a person working at home or in a small shop. The paint discussion moves on to cover candy and pearl paints, how best to utilize and spray these custom coatings, and how to mix up your own unique color. How to pick, adjust and use spray guns makes up the next chapter in Jon's new book. As Jon explains, "you need to have the gun adjusted properly, and the way to do that is with test panels done before you start the paint job." The test panels included in the book show a good and bad pattern, and how to adjust a gun that's putting out a flawed pattern. No how-to-paint would be complete without at least two, start-to-finish paint jobs. Kosmoski's New Kustom Painting Secrets contains both a hot rod and a motorcycle paint job. The sequences start at the very beginning with the metal preparation, and moves through all the primer and filler stages necessary to make the panels perfect, before any topcoat can be applied. The paint jobs include artwork and flames, application of the candy paint, and the final clearcoats. Kosmoski's New Kustom Painting Secrets uses over 400 color images and 144 pages to explain a lifetime's worth of custom painting experience.