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Special Edition Ani Black

New Spraygun Ani Black Wb Special Edition 1.3mm in Plastic Case TMD1
Code: sggani13blk.le

Technical Features
The ANI BLACK paint spray guns have been designed for a highly professional use. A specific study has made the ANI BLACK lighter and ergonomic, a quality that makes it ideal for an extended use protecting the operator from fatigue. The high performances combined with the ease of use are aimed at simplifying all painting operations. Make this product the maximum expression of professional painting. • Body in forged aluminum with a protective black anodizing treatment which makes the ANI RED ideal for water-based paints.
• Stainless steel AISI 303 nozzle and needle (needle ø 3 mm)
• Anodized aluminum highly pulverizing air cap
• Available with the following technology: CLEAR for solvents based paints WB for water-based paints HPS (High Performance System) highly pulverising system with transfer equal to or higher than that of HVLP systems paint spray gun. HVLP (high volume low pressure) system producing at high air volume at low pressure. • 600 cc nylon cup with threaded lid provided with drip-catching device and paint filter
• TMD1 digital thermogauge with quick coupler, pre-fitted on the entire series ANI BLACK
• Pressure and airflow regulator • Jet regulator from round to fan spray pattern
• Paint quantity regulator
• Stainless steel lever, brass and aluminum inner parts
• Stainless steel springs and NBR 70 / PTFE washers
• FIELDS OF APPLICATION: professional painting
• OPERATING TEMPERATURES: -10 ° C (253 ° K), + 90 ° C (343 ° K)
• THREAD ON BODY: 1 / 4FM BSP Cylindrical gas thread
• OPERATING PRESSURE: 2 ÷ 6 bar (29 ÷ 87 psi)
• DIMENSIONS (without feed cup): 157 x 182 x 49 mm [ 6.18 x 7.17 1.93 inch] • NET WEIGHT (without feed cup): ANI BLACK / S TMD1 0.519 kg [ 1.144 lb] ANI BLACK / S 0.457 kg [ 1,01 lb]