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Shimmering FlakeZ 100 micron


Shimmering FlakeZ™ – (Metal Flakes)

Traditional metal flake with additional BLING!

Depending on your color choice, DNA™ Shimmering FlakeZ™ are available in 50, 100, 200, 375, 1000 & 1550micron sizes.
Code: FS601.12

Product Description:

Shimmering FlakeZ™ 100 micron

Add brilliance to your finish. These stand-out & highly reflective FlakeZ™ produce awesome “BLING” and will make your project stand-out from the crowd.

The massive DNA™ FlakeZ™ range allows you to get the right size, colour and type of flake for your project.

DNA™ FlakeZ™ are premium quality, solvent and UV resistant flakes. Each flake is cut to a consistant and uniform shape, thickness and size to give maximum visual impact and a uniform flip!

12cc Sample jars of 375 micron FlakeZ™ now available!



Shimmering FlakeZ 100 micron COLOURS

fs301_silver.jpg fs302_dark_gold.jpg fs305_lime.jpg fs306_emerald.jpg fs311_sky_blue.jpg fs312_royal_blue.jpg fs313_calypso_blue.jpg fs315_purple.jpg fs317_lavender.jpg fs317_fuchsia.jpg fs318_hot_pink.jpg fs324_salmon_pink.jpg fs320_apple_red.jpg fs321_orange.jpg fs325_gunmetal_grey.jpg