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                     SPRAYSAFE (WA)

S&S Industries is a family owned and operated company which has been operating in Western Australia since 1967, primarily as a
supplier to the panel and paint industry. 

Early in the 1980’s, S&S Industries realised there was a need for a locally manufactured spray booth and baking oven range and after much research, in 1983 formed another division of the company called SpraySafe (WA) to produce these items.
In 1985 SpraySafe (WA) was awarded the prestigious ‘Australian Design Award’ for two booths, the Commodor and the Capri.  Since then the business has grown from strength to strength to the extent that SpraySafe (WA) currently hold approximately 80—85%  market share in W.A.
SpraySafe (WA) booths and baking ovens are being used in many industries, including mining, automotive, furniture manufacture and engineering to name a few. 
As S&S Industries is a supplier of consumable products to many businesses around Western Australia, our booths and ovens are built to an extremely high standard, so as to not jeopardise this continual business.
S&S Industries respect the investment you are considering is quite substantial, and would like you to feel more confident with your decision, therefore we encourage you to contact any of our customers who have purchased a booth or oven from us and get their feelings on not only the quality, performance and back up service with the product, but also the great value of their investment.

S&S Industries Offers High-Quality Custom Spray Painting and Bake Booths in Perth

For spray booths, Perth has no finer option than the custom solutions SpraySafe (WA) design and build at S&S Industries. With 33 years in the spray booth industry, we know what it takes to create the solutions that you need no matter how large or small your workshop is. Our SpraySafe division has won a number of different industry awards, and we supply many businesses around Western Australia, so their painting operations continue to run smoothly. Whether you need a basic open face spray painting booth for small items or a huge spray bake paint booth to handle large vehicles, we'll work with you to custom build each of our solutions to fit your needs. Client satisfaction is our number one goal, and we pride ourselves on creating the most professional paint spray booths Perth can buy.

Get the spray painting booth that's right for you

Painting booths are an absolute necessity for anyone who is in the spray painting industry. The fumes alone from painting can lead to health issues. That's why our Zodiac paint and bake booths are a worthwhile investment. They come in both full and semi-downdraft models, so you can select the unit that will be right for your workshop’s needs. Our spray booths give you a clean and highly controlled environment that will allow you to paint small items up to large vehicles rapidly. The bake then cures the paint quickly, allowing you to empty the booth and get your next paint job client in. For painters around Perth, this can be the key to improving your productivity.

Using a booth allows you to keep any foreign debris from becoming stuck in the paint and ruining the job. Not only that, but you will also be able to accomplish more complex paint jobs in a booth. The Zodiac spray booths we create are durable, stylish, and extremely low maintenance. We can install these units as above ground units with ramps, or we can build you a dedicated spray painting station as an in ground unit.

With decades of experience, S&S Industries won't let you down

At S&S Industries, we understand that purchasing one of our spray and bake booths is an investment for your company. You can buy from us with confidence knowing that we have provided many clients with our services. We encourage potential customers to contact owners of our products to verify our dedication to quality workmanship. If you wish to speak to someone about purchasing one of our Zodiac booths in the Perth area, please ring us on (08) 9274 6566 and speak to a member of our team. We are excited to work with you to create a great working space!