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S&S Industries
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S&S Industries History

For the past 50 years, S&S Industries has been a leading supplier to the panel and paint industry in Western Australia. They pride themselves on providing the highest quality automotive paint, consumables and capital equipment for the smash repair industry. Operated as a family run business since 1967, S&S Industries is now owned by Directors, Tony Siroen and Jeff Siroen and supported by their 25 employees.    

Wells Street, Midvale, WA 1a--Family---Willie-and-Greta-black-and-white-family.jpg 2-William-Motors-1(1).jpg 3-William-Motors-2.jpg
4-Gordon-St-Label.jpg 5-FRONT-OF-FIRST-BUILDING.jpg 7-B-W1.jpg 8-B-W2.jpg
6-B-W3.jpg 8b--thinners-lable.jpg 9-Thinners-plant---Bedford(1).jpg 10-Wells-St--Underground-tank--1-.jpg
11-Wells-St--Underground-tank--2-.jpg 13-Mixing-mills---Greta.jpg 14-Greta---Gary.jpg 15a.new_13_wells_st.jpg
15b-Putty-machine.jpg 16-S-S-Concord.jpg 18a-Austin---Ron---Tony.jpg 18b-Austin---Ron---Tony--2-.jpg
18c-Austin---GoCart.jpg 18d-REMEMBER-MIDLAND-SCOUT-IMAGE.jpg 19a-Premises---Wells-St-13-.jpg 19b---Peter-Hyde.jpg
22-Elgee-Rd--1-.jpg 22-Elgee-Rd--2-.jpg 23-Elgee-RD.jpg 24a--Equipment.jpg
26-Edward-St-Osb-Pk.jpg 27-S-S-Branch---Kalgoorlie-mid-80s.jpg 28-S-S-Branch---Bunbury-mid-90s.jpg 25 Rothschild Place, Midvale
Tony and Jeff Siroen S&S Staff photo 2017 S&S Industries staff photo 2010 S&S Industries staff photo 50th Anniversary 2017