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The S&S Industries Guide to Perfect Paint Matching in Automotive Restoration

Thu, 22 Feb 2024

S&S Industries’ Guide to Perfect Paint Matching in Automotive Restoration

There is both science and artistry behind flawless paint matching. As one of the most pivotal aspects of automotive restoration, it’s crucial to understand the right techniques in order to restore a vehicle's aesthetic authenticity. 


Our expert team here at S&S Industries blends traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology, formulating custom paint blends to replicate original colours. As leading automotive paint suppliers in WA, the following guide navigates through the world of effective paint matching, with practical insights for implementation and innovative techniques to create a cohesive finish on restored panels.

The Art and Science of Automotive Paint Matching

Paint matching is a meticulous process. Precision and expertise work alongside attention to detail and colour accuracy in the intricate art of automotive restoration, with an end goal of a harmoniously aesthetic vehicle. 


When it comes to analysing the existing paint colour, considering factors such as hue, saturation, and brightness are all part of the process. Skilled technicians are adept at formulating custom paint blends to replicate the original colour and achieve a flawless finish.


This handbook contains an expert exploration into key areas of paint matching like colour spectrophotometry, tinting, and blending, setting new standards for automotive excellence.

The Critical Role of Paint Matching in Automotive Restoration

In the popular world of automotive restoration, paint matching is more than just simply choosing a colour. Restoring a car means preserving its authenticity and integrity, and, naturally, colour aesthetics play a vital role in how successful the results are. 

However, the important role of paint matching extends beyond the surface, impacting the overall value, visual appeal, and historical significance of a restored automobile. By ensuring that the final result seamlessly blends with its original aesthetic, you can preserve the historical integrity and value of classic and vintage cars. 

S&S Industries: Pioneers in Automotive Paint Supply

As long-standing industry leaders in the spray paint and panel beating industry, we at S&S Industries are at the forefront of superior automotive paint supply in Western Australia. Offering an extensive range of high-quality paint supplies and spray equipment for both automotive and industrial needs, the brand is synonymous with quality and innovation

Established in 1967, comprehensive experience as an Australian-owned company has given us a reputation as leading automotive paint suppliers. With a range of quality products from renowned brands, from custom paints and spray booths to car coating systems, a focus on reliable customer service and value for money has cemented us as a go-to supplier for automotive and industrial paint tools and products.

Core Techniques in Automotive Paint Matching

Precision reigns supreme when it comes to seamlessly recreating colours for automotive paint matching. Combining this attention to detail with technology and expertise, key techniques like colour spectrophotometry ensure accurate colour analysis, while tinting and blending techniques masterfully achieve the perfect shade. 

Colour Spectrophotometry: Accurate Colour Analysis

At the heart of matching paint for restorations is colour spectrophotometry, an advanced technique we employ at S&S Industries. Involving measuring the intensity of light at various wavelengths, a colour spectrophotometer device provides an accurate and objective colour analysis by precisely measuring colour parameters.

Incorporating factors like hue, value, and chroma, a colour spectrophotometer measures and controls colour data to allow for consistent colour throughout production, and is used in many leading industries. This is a fantastic tool for ensuring precise matching, especially when it comes to dealing with intricate shades, or historical vehicles with unique colour formulations.

Tinting and Blending: Achieving the Perfect Shade

While technology plays a vital role, you cannot disregard the human touch as an indispensable part of paint matching. Experts in the field can blend custom paint formulations, adjusting pigments until an exact match is achieved, before wet-spraying test panels for real-time colour assessment and fine-tuning until perfection.

Layering techniques, clear coats, and meticulous blending also contribute to achieving an indistinguishable match, with skilled technicians experienced at meticulously fine-tuning colours to the perfect shade.

S&S Industries’ Unique Approach to Paint Matching

Combining leading technology and precise blending and tinting, this specialist hands-one approach sets S&S Industries apart when it comes to paint matching. To deliver custom solutions that cater to diverse needs, consistent investment has been a focus for both advanced technology and superior matching techniques.

Advanced Technology and Techniques

With a long-standing commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements, we utilise cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver precise and efficient paint-matching results. Market-leading colour matching software is used to analyse paint samples to minute details, capturing even the subtlest colour variations. 

An investment in high-tech spray booths that simulate real-world conditions has enabled precise colour testing before application, and the use of advanced clear coats and blending techniques by expert technicians helps achieve a flawless finish. 

Custom Solutions for Diverse Needs

This unique combination of hands-on workmanship and advanced technology allows for highly tailored results, customising each finish to suit unique client requirements. 

By recognising the unique requirements of each restoration project, we take a bespoke approach to paint matching. With an ability to craft custom paint solutions for any specific project - whether is a vintage car, a classic motorcycle, or a modern vehicle - each restoration endeavour receives a fully custom solution.

Practical Guide: Implementing S&S Industries’ Paint Matching Techniques

The overall success of any automotive restoration project lies within how well the paint-matching results can be applied to the vehicle. This makes implementing our techniques a practical and essential process, from smooth surface preparation, and creating flawless canvas for colour application, to employing advanced spraying techniques for a professional finish.

Surface Preparation: The First Step to Perfect Matching

Begin with the proper preparation of the vehicle's surface to create a suitable base for your new coat of paint. Firstly sand the exterior of each panel, followed by priming and thorough cleaning to allow for proper paint adhesion.

Inadequate surface preparation can lead to colour mismatches, as well as a less durable finish that can weather poorly over time. It’s a crucial step in achieving seamless results; ensuring optimal adhesion, and durability, and preventing paint from peeling or bubbling in the future.

Application Methods: Spraying Techniques for Flawless Finishes

When it comes to applying the paint, it's so important to utilise the correct techniques as well as create the right controlled environment to prevent costly issues like streaks, runs, or overspray. The focus is on creating a completely even and consistent paint application, allowing the accurate colour match to be transferred onto the vehicles’ exterior. 

With a range of techniques and tools used in the actual painting process, from spray guns and pressure settings to booths and environmental considerations, gaining practical hands-on knowledge will allow for a flawless finish. 

Automotive Paint Suppliers: The S&S Industries Difference

There are multiple factors involved in top-quality paint matching when it comes to vehicle restoration, whether it's a newer model or a vintage car. By investing in long-standing experience from a family-owned business like S&S Industries, you can experience automotive restoration that transcends expectations. 

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

From precise colour spectrophotometry to the artistry of tinting and blending, we have an overarching commitment to innovative practices and excellence with each restoration project. 

Looking Ahead: The Future of Automotive Paint Matching

Car shop owners and restoration experts can look forward to an era where accuracy and customisation reach unprecedented heights, with the integration of new technologies; AI algorithms will refine colour analysis, while robotic systems may enhance application consistency. 

To learn more about the future of paint matching and find superior panel and spray supplies, don't hesitate to contact S&S Industries today.

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