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Elevate Your Automotive Repairs with Our Premium Spray Booth Rental Services


When it comes to automotive repairs and refinishing, precision and quality are non-negotiable. Welcome to S&S Industries, where we offer the ultimate solution for automotive enthusiasts seeking top-notch spray booth rental services. Our cutting-edge facilities are designed to provide the perfect environment for achieving flawless finishes and ensuring your automotive projects stand out.

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Backed by 40 years of expertise in building custom spray booths, our rental service stands out for automotive perfectionists who demand precision, providing a controlled canvas where flawless finishes come to life.

Why Our Spray Booth Rental Stands Out:

  1. Impeccable Conditions: Our spray booths are equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation and filtration systems that effectively control air quality, overspray, and fumes. This means your automotive repairs are executed in a clean, safe, and controlled environment.

  2. Compliance and Responsibility: We take compliance seriously. Our spray booths are meticulously designed to meet industry regulations and environmental standards, ensuring that your repairs not only look amazing but also uphold ethical and eco-friendly practices.

  3. Efficiency That Saves: By renting a spray booth, you eliminate the need for heavy investment in equipment and space setup. This translates to significant time and cost savings, enabling you to focus on what you do best automotive repairs.

  4. Expert Support: Our team of automotive repair specialists is available to provide technical advice. From setup to finish, we're here to ensure your spray booth rental experience is smooth and successful.


Renting a Spray Booth How It Works:

  1. Connect with Us: Reach out to our team to discuss your automotive repair needs, including booth size and rental duration.

  2. Scheduling: Book a time via our online booking portal without any annoying back and forth. Know when it's available to work into your schedule.

  3. Setting Up: On your scheduled day, arrive at our facility we will show you where to set-up and work for the day.

  4. Dive In: Start working on your automotive repairs in an environment designed to enhance your craftsmanship.

Included in the package

  • Semi downdraft Zodiac Booth with spray temperatures of ~35c and bake temperatures of ~70c.
  • Tested and tagged Breathing air filters with mutiple certified breathing air hoses with industry standard safety lock CEJN air fittings.
  • Multiple standard nitto air lines.
  • Booth air is fed by a Pilot K50 paired with a refridgerated air dryer. 
  • Five standard bent leg panel stands.
  • Safety step.
  • Rubbish bins. 
  • Access to Toilets and Kitchen on site. 
  • Access to our Retail shop to purchase anything you should need to complete your project.

You will need to provide all your materials, consumables and PPE to complete your day of painting. 

At S&S Industries, we're committed to raising the bar in automotive repair and refinishing. Our top-tier spray booth rental services are designed to empower professionals like you to achieve remarkable results. Discover how our meticulously designed facilities can take your automotive projects to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and secure your spray booth rental. Your success is our priority.


Make a Full-Day Booking Today!