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Frequently Asked Questions for our Spray Booth Rental


Please find a range of frequently asked questions answered below, if you have any other queries please feel free to reach out!


What to expect on arrival? 

On the day you will arrive at reception and be required to fill out a short induction form to sign into the facility. Our Paint Specialist will then take you across to the Spray Booth and take you through a short introduction to ensure that you understand how the Spray Booth works. 


Where can I find your terms and conditions?

You can find our Terms & Conditions here.


How long does my booking go for?

Your booking is for the entire day - between 8:30am - 4:30pm. This time is inclusive of your set-up time and pack-down/cleaning time. This is to ensure that our staff member has time to lock-up the premises in a timely manner. 


What facilities are available on-site?

- Toilets

- Kitchen


Is there room for a car trailer?

Yes, there is room for you to bring your car on a trailer.


Are panel stands available for use?

Yes, there is four (4) panel stands available to utilise during your rental session. 


Do you provide PPE?

We do not provide PPE, you must supply your own as per our terms and conditions. We do recommened the Sundstrom line of respiration masks. 


Can I utilise any paint in this booth?

While we recommend you use paint products provided by S&S Industries during your rental period, you may bring your own pre-purchased paints for use in our Spray Booth. If you do utilise your own paint, you acknowledge that S&S Industries cannot be held liable for the quality or performance of non-approved paint products. 


What's included in the rental?

  • Semi downdraft Zodiac Booth with spray temperatures of ~35c and bake temperatures of ~70c.
  • Tested and tagged Breathing air filters with mutiple certified breathing air hoses with industry standard safety lock CEJN air fittings.
  • Multiple standard nitto air lines.
  • Booth air is fed by a Pilot K50 paired with a refridgerated air dryer. 
  • Five standard bent leg panel stands.
  • Safety step.
  • Rubbish bins. 
  • Access to Toilets and Kitchen on site. 
  • Access to our Retail shop to purchase anything you should need to complete your project.

You will need to provide all your materials, consumables and PPE to complete your day of painting. 


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