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Why Professionals Choose S&S Industries for Automotive and Industrial Paint Supplies

Fri, 5 Apr 2024

Understanding the best products for the panel and paint industry is key to creating exceptional professional results for your customers. Anyone looking for top-quality paint solutions in Perth should review S&S Automotive’s supplies, which have cemented their position as the go-to provider of reliable products for auto and industrial needs. 

As we dive into what Australian-owned S&S Industries can offer your brand, from spray booth painting equipment to smash repair essentials, discover why automotive professionals and industrial operators trust their reputation for excellence and commitment to quality.

The Legacy of S&S Industries

Since our establishment in 1967, we have applied widespread experience in the sector to evolve into trusted leaders within the Perth panel beating and spray paint industry. 

The S&S legacy includes the addition of SpraySafe in 1983, manufacturing superior spray booths and ventilation systems for secure paint and panel use. With Tony and Jeff Siroen leading operations, we continue our legacy of excellence from our Midvale base in Western Australia.

What Sets S&S Industries Apart

Known as the premier destination for high-quality paint solutions in Perth, we stand out by advising on the most suitable solutions for your specific needs. Our commitment to customer service and innovative products allows us to tailor industrial and automotive paint solutions to meet diverse needs. 

This ongoing legacy of excellence means we stand out for our dedication to superior products, personalised service, and industry-leading expertise - setting us apart as a trusted leader in the field.

Unmatched Quality and Innovation

Just like many industrial sectors, the panel and paint industry has steadily evolved over the years. From enhanced technological techniques to improved health and safety guidelines, we have developed our knowledge and product range to reflect the best in quality and innovation, including our own unique SpraySafe Technology for market-leading spray booths. 

High-Quality Automotive & Industrial Paint Supplies

Each product we offer is designed for durability, reliability, and professional results; from automotive paints to industrial coatings, primers, clear coats, and specialty finishes. Following our ethos of a commitment to excellence and innovation, S&S automotive paint solutions are designed to meet a range of diverse needs - appealing to industry professionals across Perth. 

The Revolutionary SpraySafe Technology

SpraySafe has revolutionised the industry with its cutting-edge spray booth technology that focuses on quality, efficiency, and safety. Known for keeping painting operations running seamlessly, from simple open-face spray painting to large spray-bake paint booths, SpraySafe offers custom builds to suit your exact needs. Learn more about how SpraySafe offers the most professional and reliable booths in Perth today.

A Comprehensive Range of Products

The unique niche market of automotive panel and paint and industrial spray operations in Perth deserves access to top-notch products available globally. From automotive paints to industrial coatings, primers, and specialty finishes, contact us to learn how our high-quality solutions are perfectly designed for durability, reliability, and professional results! 

Custom Paints and Car Coating Systems

As a long-term specialist in custom car paints and coating systems, we supply a vast range of superior products that can meet highly specific automotive needs. From custom colour matching to airbrushing tools, our products are trusted by industry professionals for their reliable performance and professional results.

Advanced Spray Booths and Protection Products

Known for offering industry-leading products for spray-booth technology, we can guarantee exceptional results for your automotive or industrial applications. This includes our revolutionary SpraySafe technology. Our wide range of booths and related products are carefully designed to ensure optimal paint application conditions, improve efficiency, and enhance safety standards. 


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