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Gun Wash Machine

The versatility of spray guns and their ability to lay down an even coat of paint rapidly is what makes them such trusted tools for auto painters everywhere. Whether you are working on a full paint job or just some fine detail work, keeping your guns in good working order is crucial. That also means keeping them as clean as possible. After all, a dirty gun can lead to uneven spray, thick droplets, and even clogs that can slow down your work day. Why take the time to wash your spray guns entirely by hand when there's an easier way?

A Gun Wash Machine Keeps Your Sprayers in Excellent Shape for Smooth Operations

Equipping your shop with a gun wash machine from S&S Industries will speed up the process more than you might expect. These Becca machines make cleaning your equipment a breeze. Whether you choose a fully automatic or a manual gun wash machine is down to personal preference and the needs of your shop. A manual machine, such as the Becca S50M, is ideal for cleaning your guns between colours or jobs. For higher volume, an automated unit may be more appropriate for your team. The durable construction and slim profile make it a good fit for any space, and can even mount conveniently on a wall. Create a safe space to rinse your equipment with solvent and move on with your next painting task.


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