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Beef Up Your Shop's Equipment With a Solvent Recycling Machine

Solvent recycling machines exist to make your life easier as a businses owner.

Operating a business that deals with paint jobs, especially automotive paint jobs, is a complex process. Even apart from all of the major business considerations, handling customer service, and of course, getting the job done right, there are other things that you must be concerned with when it comes to paint. For example, one of the most important products in any paint shop is solvent. Liquids such as paint thinner and other heavy duty solvents are vital for cleaning components, stripping paint, and keeping your business running smoothly. Without solvents, you can't do a lot of the jobs you need to. However, solvents are hazardous chemicals and thus require proper disposal methods.

Becca "HC" 25 litre Solvent Recycler

Is your shop dealing with increased overhead costs due to how much solvent you go through? This is in addition to your hazardous waste disposal fees. It may be time for you to consider purchasing a Solvent Recycling Machine. S&S Industries is proud to sell some of the finest solvent recyclers on the market. We're confident that adding one to your shop's equipment line-up will only be a good thing.

Reduce Your Costs Environmental Impact with Solvent Recycling Machine

Using a solvent recycler machine is simple. The models that we sell are founded on the process of distillation. That means that your dirty solvent is poured into the machine's main drum before the solvent is then boiled vigorously. The solvent is then allowed to condense in another vessel in the machine, leaving behind the impurities. You now have access to much cleaner solvent, up to 99% pure, which will in turn be much easier for you to continue cleaning with. Recycled solvent is just as effective as fresh solvent. Best of all, you will be able to drastically reduce your costs in two areas by doing this. First, you will not need to buy brand new cans of solvent nearly as often when you are recycling. Second, you can slash how much you pay in hazardous disposal fees. The impurities left behind in the machine will not need as much processing as contaminated solvent. This saves you both time and money while keeping your shop from having too much down time.

We sell several different sizes of solvent recycling equipment, from 11 and 25-litre machines all the way up to a solvent recycler that can handle over 200 litres at a time. With an electronic control panel, self-testing mechanisms, pressure regulators and automated cycles, they are state of the art. They're the perfect addition to your shop.

S&S Industries Guarantees Quality Equipment Each & Every Time

In business since 1967, S&S Industries is dedicated to selling only high-quality machines and supplies. We pride ourselves on consistently excellent customer service. When you need a solvent recycler, we hope to be your first stop.

For pricing and purchase information, or simply to receive more information, please give us a ring on (08) 9274 6566. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find the right equipment for your needs.