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Simplify Your Post-Paint Job Process with a Spray Gun Cleaning Machine

Laying down a beautiful new coat of paint on a car with the power of spray gun in your hand is a very satisfying feeling. Looking at the glossy shine of your handiwork after everything has dried and cured is equally satisfying. To achieve those beautiful results every time you work with aerosolised paints, your equipment must be kept clean. Otherwise, paint can dry inside and create problems which affect the quality of the spray. If you spend too much time cleaning guns and not enough time painting, consider the value of adding a spray gun cleaning machine to your equipment.

The Becca S10A automatic spray gun cleaning machine makes quick work of cleaning your guns with solvent. With solvent tanks of either five or ten gallons and a fully automated cleaning process, you can wash down all your gear and be ready to go again in no time. This machine can clean two sprayers at the same time. Think about how long it would take to do the same work manually. Not only do you save time with a spray gun cleaning machine, but you can turn that time into money, too. Less time spent on maintenance means more time clearing jobs.

Make an investment in your business with the help of S&S Industries. We supply these durable machines around Australia and with a shipping weight of just over twenty kilogrammes, it's an easy shipment to make. Visit our contact page to get in touch and place an order with us today.