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Outfit Your Paint Shop with the Perfect Spray Gun Washer from S&S Industries

When it comes to operating your paint service, the first significant step to take is to outfit your location with all the equipment you need. From a spraying booth to a place to store your paint, to an area where painted objects can cure, it takes a lot to make an efficient paint shop. One equipment type it's important not to neglect is the spray gun washer. Keeping your gear free of clogs is not the only reason to clean your guns thoroughly. You also want to avoid the hassle that comes from paint colours mixing inside the gun. Each spray should be clean and even, and strictly the colour you've selected.

Using a spray gun washer is simple. With handy controls to choose between clean and used solvent, plus a powered air hose for blowing solvent through the gun, cleaning is quick and easy. There's no need to spend more than a few minutes cleaning each spray gun. You can operate the washer by foot pedal or use the wholly automatic setting, depending on the volume of washing you have to do each day. Steel containers ensure no leaks, keeping your solvent secure.

S&S Industries supplies these machines and many other types of equipment for painters around Australia. We invite you to explore our full selection right here on our website. For ordering information or more about how washers can benefit you, give us a call! Reach us on (08) 9274 6566, or email