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Why Choose S&S Industries When Selecting a Spraybooth?

The perfect paint job requires carefully controlled conditions. That's why no one recommends trying to paint a car outside; the chance of contaminants landing on the paint and fouling the job is just too high. Whether you are starting your own business or upgrading an established shop, a spraybooth is a necessity for achieving the best results possible when painting cars, boats, equipment, and other objects. S&S Industries proudly supplies several different models of spraybooth from which you can choose. Why select one of our products? What sets our spraybooths apart regarding quality and usability?

From our Zodiac full downdraft spraybooth to the Spraymaster model, we've engineered these setups not only for maximum usability but for durability, too. Everything is created exactly to your order specifications. At S&S Industries, there is no "one size fits all" approach to creating our spraybooths. Instead, let us know what dimensions you would prefer and we can create a bespoke unit to fit in your space. Whether you only want to paint smaller objects or you need a massive spraybooth to accommodate huge projects, we can create the solution that will work best for you. Exhaust fans driven by powerful motors keep the air quality pristine, and we can easily include lighting mounts for better work visibility.

S&S Industries is a leader in spraybooths because of our experience and customer dedication. We would be happy to discuss these products with you to help in selecting the unit ideal for your applications. Reach us by email or phone; visit our contact page for further information.