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GYS M3 Auto Mig


Code: GYSM3

Product Description:

The M3 GYS AUTO is a Synergic single-phase MIG-MAG welding machine with 3 torch connectors. Ideal for car body repairs, it is recommended for welding steel, stainless steel, aluminium and for MIG Brazing of high-tensile strength steels (with CuSi3 and CuAl8 wires).

The machine determines the optimum wire speed by selecting:
- The type of wire
- The wire diameter
- The welding current

The M3 GYS AUTO is also delivered with a Spool Gun torch. This motorised torch is suitable for aluminium, stainless steel, copper and steel (contains 1kg/ø100mm wire reels).

The spool gun includes a range of features:
- Ideal for soft wire such as AlSi5 or AlSi12 (recommended for car body repairs)
- Ease of use, adjust the wire speed on the Spool Gun torch.
- Balancing system to support the Spool Gun torch.
- Suitable for 5kg/ø200mm and 15kg/ø300mm wire reels.
- Memory save feature for each torch and activation of the `last used' welding parameters (wire diameter, wire type and mode).
- 2 torches, 2 integrated wire feeders + 1 Spool Gun

The M3 GYS AUTO is a multifunctional and flexible machine designed to weld 3 different types of wire at the same time. It saves time since it does not require disassembling the torch to change the wire reel for another job.

- Soft wires: as ALSi and CuAl necessary for welding HLE/THLE metal sheets
- Aluminium wires
- Steel wires

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Please note: We can only sell this item within Western Australia.