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6 Common Auto Car Paint Problems & Cures

Wed, 21 Feb 2024




From around the globe- Car Lovers or Geeks know that automotive car paint is an art and demands expertise and skills to get the job done perfectly. However, scratches, dullness, mysterious bubbles, etc, arise and make your heart sink. You buy paints from the top car paint suppliers with quality assurance, and this happens! Mistakes can happen to anyone, whether they're an expert or not. Sometimes, these errors aren't the painter's fault but can be caused by other factors like the work environment, type of paint, surface texture, and more.


This guide is your weapon against the six most common foes of your car's paintwork. We'll unveil their secrets, from fading sun damage to pesky peeling, empowering you to restore your ride to its former glory. So, buckle up and get ready to learn how to diagnose, treat, and even prevent these automotive paint problems, ensuring your car shines as brightly as your passion for it!


6 Common Car Problems


Problem 1: Fading or Dullness

Causes: Fading or dullness in car paint can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, oxidation, improper washing techniques, or a poor car care routine.

Cures: To address this issue, regularly wash your car using high-quality car wash soap, apply wax to protect the paint, use UV protectants, and consider professional polishing services.

Pro Tip: For a DIY approach, you can share tips on how to polish your car at home. Alternatively, recommend professional detailing services for a thorough and expert touch.


Problem 2: Peeling

Causes: Peeling of car paint can occur due to improper surface preparation, the use of incompatible paints, poor application techniques, or damage from accidents or harsh chemicals.

Cures: To address peeling, it is necessary to repaint the affected area after proper surface preparation. Use compatible paints and consider seeking professional repair for extensive peeling.

Pro Tip: For significant peeling issues, emphasize the importance of seeking professional assistance. Professional work can ensure a long-lasting and high-quality finish.


Problem 3: Cracking

Causes: Cracking in car paint can be caused by aging paint, exposure to extreme temperatures, improper primer or paint application, or underlying bodywork issues.

Cures: For small cracks, touch-up repairs can be done. However, for deep cracks, it is advisable to seek professional repair services. It's also important to address any underlying bodywork problems to prevent future cracking.

Pro Tip: Identifying and addressing the root cause of cracking is crucial to prevent recurrence.


Problem 4: Bubbling

Causes: Bubbling in car paint can occur due to trapped moisture, improper surface preparation, contamination, or the use of incompatible paints or primers.

Cures: To address bubbling, it is necessary to sand and repaint the affected areas. Ensure proper prep work and use compatible materials to prevent future issues.

Pro Tip: Meticulous prep work is key to preventing bubbling in the future. Emphasize the importance of thorough surface preparation before painting.


Problem 5: Orange Peel

Causes: Orange peel texture in car paint can result from applying paint too thickly, using an incorrect spray technique, using low-quality paint, or rapid drying due to high temperatures.

Cures: To address orange peel, sanding and buffing the affected area can help. Reapply the paint using the proper technique, use high-quality paints, and ensure proper spraying conditions.

Pro Tip: For avoiding orange peel, share specific spray technique tips, such as maintaining the correct distance from the surface and using even strokes.


Problem 6: Chipping & Scratches

Causes: Chipping and scratches on car paint can result from road debris, hail, vandalism, or accidental contact with objects.

Cures: Minor chips can be addressed with touch-up paint, while major damage may require professional repair. Use scratch removal products carefully.

Pro Tip: To prevent further damage, recommend seeking professional help for large or deep scratches. Professional repair can ensure a seamless finish and protect the underlying paint.


Prevention is Key: Shield Your Shine!

Now that you're armed with the knowledge to tackle common paint or spray gun paint problems, let's talk about prevention! Regular car care is your secret weapon. Think of it as a fortress against the elements:

  • Washing Wisdom: Ditch the automatic car washes and embrace gentle hand washing with high-quality car wash soap. This removes dirt and grime that can contribute to dullness and scratches.
  • Waxing Wonders: Waxing provides a protective layer, deflecting UV rays and harsh weather that cause fading and oxidation. Apply wax every 2-3 months for optimal protection.
  • Sun Savvy: Park in shaded areas whenever possible, and consider using a car cover for extended sun exposure.



Congratulations! You've conquered the six most common car paint problems and are equipped to diagnose, treat, and even prevent these foes. Remember, timely action and seeking professional help when needed are crucial for maintaining your car's stunning appearance.

So, go forth and shine! Take care of your car's paintwork, and it will reward you with years of beauty and pride. S&S Industries understands your love of your four-wheelers. Hence, we offer everything you need, from paints to panel-beating tools. If you are a DIY type or just a car lover, you must visit us once.

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