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Autorobot Speed Bench


One of the most versatile and popular pulling systems on the market today. Very easy to use and extremely fast to load.
Great value for money. You can purchase Autorobot Speed Bench AND a EZ Calipre electronic measuring system for less than other brands


Speed Bench XLS brochure
Speed Bench XLS Brochure
Speed Bench Brochure
Speed Bench Brochure
EZ Calipre electonic measuring system
EZ Calipre electronic measuring system

Product Description:


Autorobot Speed Bench

The "New Version" Autorobot Speed Bench is packed with features, including: 10-Ton Single Bolt Sill Clamps; 10-Ton Pull Beam; 10-Ton Hydraulics; Downward Pulling Wheel; 3000kg Lift; Scissor lift to lift the vehicle to 1.5mtrs at sill height, Mobile Wheel set, pulling chain with hook, winch and full set of loading ramps.

The Autorobot Speed Bench also comes fully equipped with the all-new Autorobot Telescopic Height Extension, increasing the pulling angles and capabilities.