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Upol Weld #2 - Weld Through Primer Copper


WELD #2 ZINC is a high adhesion, super-conductive Zinc rich Weld Through Primer specially formulated to offer the best in rust protection for both SPOT, MIG and TIG welding.
WELD #2 ZINC contains high purity Zinc giving excellent conductivity as well as


Upol Weld#2 Zinc

Product Description:

Before applying WELD #2 ZINC, degrease with Precleaner or panel prep and allow to dry. E.g. 
S2000, S2001 or S2002. 
Abrade the surfaces wet or dry with 280-320 abrasive, re-clean, dry and degrease. 

Shake can thoroughly before use for a minimum of 2 minutes. 
Apply 1-2 light, even coats. 
Allow 5-10 minutes flash-off time between coats. 

Allow 10-20 minutes before welding. Drying time is dependent upon film thickness, humidity and 
temperature.Welding using SPOT, MIG or TIG techniques should then be undertaken. 
For optimum anticorrosive protection, a second coat of WELD #2 ZINC should be applied after 
welding is completed following the procedure described above. 

WELD #2 ZINC should be flatted wet with 600-800 or dry with 400-600 abrasive. 
WELD #2 ZINC may be over-painted with most paint systems.